It is humongous , my lips get stuck and I have to make an effort to put my lips together. That makes my smile fake and I feel I have a TV set in my mouth.

The only day I wore it was when I left the dentist. I saw strangers trying to not stare my mouth as they talked to me in stores. I can't show it to my husband so ridiculous I feel. I thought the measurement would take in consideration the size of my mouth, face and the lower set.

I called them the next day but the dentist never returned my call.

I need to know if there is a way to make it look more normal or smaller or have my money back. Anybody out there in the same situation to tell me what to do???

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Snap On Smile Cons: How it looks like, You have to trust the results, No chance to try it on before you buy it, I called dentist and no call back, Nobody seems to be responsible if it goes wrong.

Location: Winter Park, Florida

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To be honest it was’nt so bad knowing it’s a fake


yup same *** happened to me I first placed my order for them in the fall took forever when I recieved them my kids laughed out loud and said ma you look like you have clown teeth...500.00 freaking clown teeth well sent them back twice waiting for new set again this has taken over 8 months..hopefully they will look better the you tube video the peoples snap on looks thin and real looking I'm so upset wasting my hard earned money...


For what it's worth, I don't think you look so bad. Granted, your upper teeth are much larger than your lower ones, but I still think you look attractive.

That said, though, the important thing is that you're happy and this sounds like an error on the part of the dentist who installed them. He should be forced to make it right or pay the cost of someone else making it right.

If I were you, I'd sue the dentist and the snap-on company (even though the fault lies with the dentist, he'll be more likely to settle if the company foots the bill for a new, properly-sized snap-on - and the cost of that is a cheaper option for the company than litigation).

Good luck! I know what it's like to be unhappy with your smile and I hope you get this resolved soon!



Traci hi when you contact them they say we arent dentist they just make them from the impressions we send them..I never new that till it was paid for...


I'd take back too the dentist and tell him there too big for my mouth and ask him was he doing teeth for a horse because my mouth isnt the size of horse and i'd throw the teeth back at them and say im not paying for the seconde pair when i already paid.Is it my fault the manafactor mismeasured the size of my mouth!They got the size so get it right!


Throw them back at them? What are you five years old?

Do you realize that throwing something at someone is assault? How about calmly going into the office or making an appointment to discuss your options and what your dentist can do to make you happy. Did you express your unhappiness directly to him when he gave you your snap on? If so, why did you leave with them?

I can tell you that you are not going to achieve straight teeth that are not larger than your natural teeth with a snap on smile. Its not possible without grinding down your own teeth and that would not be snap on. You can't keep your same size teeth and then snap something over top and think they won't be larger. Its just common sense.

You should try invisalign or six month smiles (if you're a candidate) if you don't want to go the whole braces route. No one online can tell you what your teeth should/could look like without proper diagnosis by a qualified dentist.

Perhaps he can make you happy...its worth a shot. I too agree that they don't look bad.


Mine look exactly the same and I'm so disappointed. So many other people's before and after pics look great but mine look plain ridiculous.

The teeth are huge, they look so fake and I can't even get my dentist to send them back or refund me. I really thought the snap on smile would be the solution until I had implants next year but I've ended up wasting over $3000.


i am a dentist, and a patient of mine showed me a YouTube video of a case from Houston Texas, my patient is glad we found this complaint website, it made her decide against trying this Snap On Smile.


I guess aIm a child also. I would politely throw them on his desk and say"If you think these are a good fit for me, then maybe your in the wrong profession." Ignorance with such a rude comment. Is be upset as Hell...but I wouldn't want to risk going to jail in another country


Calmy discussing an issue is the best way to go.


You should sue the company that advertised them and sue the dentist if they don' t give you a refund!! I was going to get them until I read these reviews.


I have "snap on smile" on the bottom. Your dentist can file the teeth. Mine were so big and now they are beautiful.


You think "filing the teeth" will not make them sensitive?


Same thing here. They are huge compared with my other teeth.

I can't talk, or eat in these, and they look like they came from a Cracker Jack box. I am out 1200.00, and the company has pocketed the money.

They don't return calls or emails. Worst ever!!!!


I was going to order but l have very small teeth. I tried a cheaper product in small.

What a joke , poor quality and look like horse teeth.

I am getting a refund. Iam going to have to go in person to dentist to get fitted.


This is supposed to be a temporary mockup showing you how crowns or veneers will look once they are done.

These plastic temporary veneers rest on front of teeth and must have thickness. Grind them thin and they will break.


You go back to that dentist right away and demand that they fix it. Don't leave it to a phone call, they will just keep ignoring you.

You paid good money for an appliance you expected to look nice and last at least a few years with good care. March right back down there and demand they fix this!

How disgraceful. I cannot stand dishonest businesses.


They are not supposed to last years. They are supposed to be a TEMPORARY thing to show patients how a dental bridge MIGHT look. (Or fill a space until implant(s) heal.)They will always be bigger than the natural teeth because they lie in front of the natural teeth!


They are supposed to last between 3-5 years, and for over $3,400 they should! My dentist has worn his for 7 years.


Not true! Although that might be what you tell your clients. Snap on veneers are cosmetic teeth and can be used as a temporary fix between detail work if your rich.

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