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I notice my snap on is changing color, turning brown i would like to know why is this happening. I only had it over 2 years now

Product or Service Mentioned: Snap On Smile Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You have to soak them properly daily. Get the cleaner.

My wife’s uppers that cost $2300 has holes and split in half. Two years old. The real teeth are loose as a goose. 56 yrs old and she is going through this nightmare.

Our dentist died after taking a bunch of money. Never settled. These should not be sold as a permanent solution. Doctors feel bad and want to help.

They have been told that this is a viable option. It is not a good and safe or permanent option. The bacteria that is trapped inside the appliance will eat the remainder of your teeth. When you are away from people in your private time, take them out.

Keep your mouth clean. Get a deep cleaning from a worthy hygienist. Have your teeth cleaned professionally two times, minimum per year. Why?

They will keep an eye on certain areas of your mouth that may be showing problem signs. We humans must understand that teeth are a part of a larger ecosystem within our bodies. It needs to be taken care of. Otherwise you might one day get stuck paying $100,000 for a Full Mouth Reconstruction.

I am 63 and know that Dentists are not Doctors but they sure are real craftsmen if they pay attention to the details.

Always get everything in writing and be sure the staff writes all the details in a very clear and succinct manner. Just be careful.

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